College Male Models

The Future of Amateur College Male Models


  • Are you an aspiring male model between 18 and 24 years of age, and don’t know where to start?
  • Worried that the casting calls online are hoaxes, phonies or jokes?
  • Looking for a way to promote yourself, face and name that you control?


  • Looking for a collected database of aspiring male models and fresh faces between 18-24?
  • Sick of wasting time, money and resources on fruitless model searches?


  • Looking for fresh male model talent eager to take part in shoots?
  • Trying to find amateur models who want to grow and learn with you and develop art together?

Welcome to our website, New College Male Models. We’re here for you – ALL of you.

What Amateur College Male Models Does For You

If you’re an aspiring male model between 18-24, this is the place to let the world know about it! You can create your portfolio here through our service ABSOLUTELY FREE, with no strings, no payments and no schemes.

When your portfolio is launched live on our blog, casting agents, agencies and photographers the world over will be able to see you and what you have to offer!

Why are we doing this for free? It’s simple. Trying to get started in modeling is difficult and sometimes frustrating. You don’t know who to trust or where to begin. So why not start in a place where you control your own content and create your own profile?

The people searching for your amateur male model profile here are only searching for talent your age, with your qualities – which means you have better chances of being found!

How To Navigate College Male Models

If you’re an aspiring male model between 18-24, click on the APPLY section to learn more.

If you’re an agency or photographer, click on the MODELS section to browse our models.